History & Mission


KABA Mission Statement

The mission of the Kalamazoo Area Building Authority (KABA) is to ensure compliance with the State Construction Code (Code), under the legal authority and direction of the delegated governmental units responsible, under State law, for enforcement of the Code, and to do so in a uniform manner which will ensure the highest level of quality to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the jurisdiction, and to the greatest extent possible, create efficiencies related to cost of building inspections.

These goals can be achieved by creating an Authority Board, which is open to the public, by maintaining high standards for its building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing inspectors, and by implementing new technology, whenever possible, to promote efficiencies, both in time and costs, including a web-based building inspection/permit system. This web-based system will provide enhanced customer service by offering multiple access points for filing permit applications and other standardized forms. These forms can be accessed and filed electronically. Also, fees will be remitted electronically for the convenience of all involved.

By providing faster turnaround in the permit-handling process and with improved scheduling and inspection location coordination, KABA’s dedicated, skilled staff strives to make all aspects of construction, related to a home or business in the participating governmental units, a more satisfying experience for all involved.


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