List of Inspections Required for Building Projects

Please review jurisdiction checklist for any special conditions or stipulations. Contact the jurisdiction if you have any questions regarding special conditions or stipulations

New Construction

  • Footing
    • Continuous Footings: BEFORE concrete placement
    • Piers (post frame, deck support): AFTER concrete placement & BEFORE post placement
  • Rebar – Prior to pouring concrete (for poured walls)
  • Foundation – After water proofing / Prior to backfill
  • Sub-Slab (Commercial)/Radon (Residential) – After installation of vapor retarder / Prior to pouring the concrete
  • Masonry – After water barrier and base course flashing is applied, but before finish material is applied
  • Framing
    • All Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Rough-In inspections to be approved prior to Framing inspection.
  • Energy Compliance – After the installation of the insulation
  • Final – After all work is completed, including sub-trades


  • Inspections will vary based upon scope of Contact KABA for required inspections for your specific project.

Pole Barn/Accessory Building

  • Footing
  • Final
  • Project will require a Framing Inspection if the interior is being


  • Footing
  • Final

Swimming Pool

  • Final
    • Be sure to get the Electrical Bonding Inspection before the cement slab is poured.


  • Sewer/Septic and Water/Well (or proof of disconnect)
  • Final


If doing any electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work along with these projects, separate permits must be pulled for that work. Final inspections must be completed on these trade permits before the final building inspection can be approved.

Revised: October 10, 2018

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