Online Mechanical Permit Application
Mechanical Permit Application

Instructions for Completing Application

General: Mechanical work shall not be started until the application for permit has been filed with KABA. All installations shall be in conformance with the Michigan Mechanical Code. No work shall be concealed until it has been inspected. When ready for inspection, call KABA providing as much advance notice as possible. KABA will need the job location and permit number.

Project Information







Description of Work

Plan Review

Homeowner Affidavit

I hereby certify the mechanical work described on this permit application shall be installed by myself in my own home in which I am living or about to occupy. All work shall be installed in accordance with the Michigan Mechanical Code and shall not be enclosed, covered up, or put into operation until it has been inspected and approved by the Mechanical Inspector. I will cooperate with the Mechanical Inspector and assume the responsibility to arrange for necessary inspections.

Section 23a of the state construction code act of 1972, 1972 PA 230 MCL 125.1523A, prohibits a person from conspiring to circumvent the licensing requirements of this state relating to persons who are to perform work on a residential building or a residential structure. Violators of Section 23a are subjected to civil fines.

Applicant Signature

Mechanical Fee Chart

#1 Application Fee; Flat Fee of $50.00; non-refundable. Inspections NOT Included.
#2 Residential Heating System (Inc. duct & pipe) New Building Only
#5 Solid Fuel Equipment (includes chimney)
#6 Gas Piping — New Installation (each opening)
#7 Duct-Base Fee $25.00-Commercial + (__________LF) x $0.10/LF (Base + LF)
$25.00 + $0.10/LF
#8 Duct-Flat Fee $25.00-Residential (Flat Fee)
#9 Solar (set of 3) fluid transfer (includes piping)
#10 Water Heater
#12 Flue/Chimney Liner
#13 Exhausters
#14 Dryer, Bath, & Kitchen Exhaust
#15 Commercial Hoods
#16 Piping (All Piping-Minimum Fee $25.00): Fuel Gas (Base/Ft)
$25.00 or $0.05/ft
#17 Piping (All Piping-Minimum Fee $25.00): Process (Base/Ft)
$25.00 or $0.05/ft
#18 Piping (All Piping-Minimum Fee $25.00): Hydronic (Base/Ft)
$25.00 or $0.05/ft
#19 Piping (All Piping-Minimum Fee $25.00): Refrigeration (Base/Ft)
$25.00 or $0.05/ft
#20 LP Tank

#21 Tanks: Aboveground (Other than LP)
#22 Tanks: Aboveground Connection
#23 Tanks: Underground (Other than LP)
#24 Tanks: Underground Connection
#25 Fire Suppression/Protection (includes Piping) Min. Fee $20 (Base/Head)
**Heads and Piping ONLY**
$20.00 or $1.00/Head
#26 New Fire Suppression (Flat Fee)-Riser,FDC,Etc
#28 Heat Recovery Units
#29 Humidifiers/Air Cleaners
#30 Refrigeration (split system)
#31 Chiller
#32 V.A.V. Box(es)
#33 Unit Ventilators/PTAC Units
#34 Unit Heaters (terminal units)
#35 Coils (heating/cooling)
#36 Cooling Towers
37 Other appliances not listed
$50.00 Each
Plan Review Fee to be determined

One (1) courtesy re-inspection per inspection with a $55 fee for every re-inspection following.

ENTER THE TOTAL FEE(S) in the box at right. Must include the non-refundable Application and Final Inspection Fees from above.


Supplement to Mechanical Permit Application


Plans must be submitted with an Application before a permit can be issued, except as listed below.

Plans are not required for the following:

  • One and two family dwellings when the total building heating/cooling system input rating is 375,000 BTU’s or less
  • Alterations and repair work determined by the mechanical official to be of a minor nature
  • Business, mercantile, and storage buildings having HVAC equipment only, with one fire area and not more than 3,500 square feet.
  • Work completed by a governmental subdivision or state agency costing less than $15,000.00

If work is being performed as described above, check “No” in the “Plan Review” section.

Plans are required for all other building types and shall be prepared by or under the direct supervisor of an architect or engineer licensed pursuant to 1980 PA 299 and shall bear that architect’s or engineer’s seal and signature.

Maximum file size: 67.11MB

Inspection Instructions

Mechanical work shall not commence until an application for permit has been filed with KABA and the permit has been issued. All installations shall be in conformance with the Michigan Mechanical Code. No work shall be concealed until it has been inspected and approved. When ready for an inspection, contact KABA, providing as much advance notice as possible (at least 24 hours). KABA will need the job location and/or permit number, as well as access instructions/on site contact information.

Expiration of Permit: Every permit issued shall become invalid if the authorized work is not commenced within 180 days after issuance of the permit or if the authorized work is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 after the time of commencing the work. A PERMIT WILL BE CLOSED WHEN NO INSPECTIONS ARE REQUESTED AND CONDUCTED WITHIN 180 DAYS OF THE DATE OF ISSUANCE OR THE DATE OF A PREVIOUS INSPECTION. CLOSED PERMITS CANNOT BE REFUNDED.
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